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Lessons & Services

Lesson Packages
  • Private lessons $100.00 Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation

  • Semi-Private Lessons $90.00 Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation

  • Pro-Rider (Not in Training) $100.00 45 Minute Lesson

  • Group Lesson (each rider) $85.00

  • All Dressage lessons (each) $85.00

  • 4 Pack - (1) lesson per/wk $350.00

  • 8 Pack - (2) lesson per/wk $650.00

  • 12 Pack - (3) lessons per/wk $850.00

  • 16 Pack - (4) lesson per/wk $1000.00

Full Board & Training

$2000.00 5 lessons per week

(and/or 1-2 pro- rides, and free style jumping chute )

Important Information

  • Lesson prices are ONLY for Group Classes.

  • All packs must be completed in 30 day cycle. (Preferably from beginning of a month to it’s end)

  • All packs must be prepaid.

  • Please cancel any lessons 24 hours in advance.

  • Any “NO SHOWS” will be deducted from your lesson pack

  • All ECI accounts are due and payable by the 5th of each month or a $50 Mandatory fee will be charged.

Those that recently bought your horse, your contract is good for 12 months from the date of purchase, then the above rates will apply. Any past special rates are exhausted at the end of each year.

Additional Services

  • $150.00 - Body Clipping

  • In House Vet - Dr. James Clark                                        Price based on Services Rendered

Horse Show Fees

Day Care/ Staff/ Travel Expenses

  • 1 Day - $150.00

  • 2 Day - $250.00

  • 3 Day - $375.00

  • 4 Day - $550.00

  • 5 Day - $700.00


All day care charges are per-paid prior to horse/rider departure to any and all shoes, due 5 days in advance of competition.


Your vanning, entries, nomination and stall fees, vet shoer, misc. are your own separate expenses and paid by you at the horse show. Third Party Expenses: Hotels, Meals, Staff, Feed, Grooms, Shavings

Junior Rider Program

ECI’s Junior Riding Program offers elite caliber training to young riders. Michael takes new riders under his wing and with his structure, disciplined approach to teaching, quickly takes those little to no experience through the fundamentals of good riding to build a strong understanding of riding safety, style and technique. Michael has the highest expectations for all of his riders, younger, older, experienced and inexperienced. His riders strive to meet and exceed these expectations in a supportive, exemplary environment.

Need to Knows

  • ECI hosts many domestic & international riding & pentathlon camps/competitions

  • ECI is available for special events & private parties

  • ECI accepts students age 5 and older.

  • ECI staff is available for clinics.

  • ECI has lesson and show horses for lease

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