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Michael Cintas has over 40 years experience in the business as a head coach and trainer.  He has spent a lot of time building relationships with novices, clients, trainers, coaches and athletes helping to better understand the different areas in which one may question or not fully understand the equestrian world.  A new blog Michael is starting will go over a lot of these questions and hopefully provide the answers you are looking for on your equestrian journey.


Some of the topics we will be discussing... if there is a specific topic you are interested in please email me directly and I will make sure to answer it asap.

Trainers, any questions regarding your relationship with your trainer
A. Your training 
B. Your horse’s training

Board/Care of your horse
A. Are u happy or satisfied with the care of ur horse 

A. Your relationship with the groom s’
Regarding your communication,
Your satisfaction on how your horse & tack are maintained

Horse Shows:
I am sure there could be many questions on this subject, feel free to ask any & all questions 
A. Any & All Questions you may have on how management is supplying all the necessary areas that you are paying for
B. Horse Show Costs & Trainer Costs
Questions regarding that services you are paying for

Buying/Selling Your Horse
A. How did you feel about buying your first horse or that next horse.  We’re your satisfied on all the avenues of making this acquisition.
B. Buying or Selling your horse’s, Questions, did you understand how the transaction was being completed and did you understand the overall transactions, and did you pay or receive what you expected,  we’re you satisfied?

Your Goals & Aspirations:
Did you feel good about the Purchase or Sale of your horse
Did you understand the financial aspects of this transaction 

Yes we are a primary Website of assisting the rider and the horse become the very best that they can be 
A. Please feel at ease to ask any and all questions that you need to know and be educated and we will absolutely give you the facts that you need to know and apply.

This Site is Designed to Cover All Aspects for the Athletes, For their Horse, for THIER future ( BOTH) 

Our Website is built to Educate All Horseman/Woman in every avenue of this Sport, All Breeds and  All Venues. 
There is NOT a Question that we can not b there for you, with a straight forward answer and in Most Cases A Solution.

Thank You

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