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Online Training

Online Training

If you’d like Michael Cintas to personally critique you and your horse but you can't physically make it to Southern California to train with Michael or attend one of his clinics... we offer several different services online virtually through YouTube.


There are several types of videos you can send to us...

- A video of your horse on a lunge line

- Your horse being ridden or any specific issue that you would like help with.

- Showing at a horseshow

Please keep videos to 1-2 minutes long.


You can upload that video to YouTube and send us the link via email at:


Michael Cintas will personally review the footage and give instructional feedback via email correspondance. You will have the opportunity to have 2 additional email contacts between yourself and Michael with any other questions you may have regarding the video you sent. 


Click the link below to see how to get your video to us. Once you’ve watched it, you can click the PayPal button below to submit your order. The price is $50 for 1 (one) video upload and feedback by Michael Cintas (up to 3 email correspondences in total)

We also offer phone consultations as well. The cost is $50. Please contact us at to book an appointment.

How to Upload a Video to YouTube

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