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Boarding Options 

E.C.I. is a state of the art facility which was built in January of 1984 in the elite desert community of Rancho Mirage. Among the many attributes that the facility o ers, there is something to please everyone.

Full Board


12X12 Box Stall and 12x24 Paddock, 3 meals daily with supplements, full groom- ing supplies, blanketing, turnouts, lunging trims and clips...... $1000.00 a month

12x12 Box Stalls only - 3 meals a day ...... $750.00 a month

Note: All horses in Full Board receive electrolytes, biotin, and on Sunday Bran Mashes

Consignment Board


$1500 and 20% rep fee on sell of horse. Consignment board is pro-riding prepa- ration and board, horse only in training to sell. (Mandatory fees are in addition to the consignment board) SALES REP FEE of 15% for horses sold not on consignment

Mandatory Requirements For Moving To ECI

1. Health Certificate dated within 90 days 2. Shot and Worming History
3. Coggins Certificate if out of state.
4. All necessary equipment to maintain your horse.

5. Must be full or partial training or lesson program.
6. All shots & West Nile & Booster

Mandatory Monthly Fees

$55.00 - Joint Flex Muscle Mass Supplements

$75.00 - Quarterly for routine Vaccinations and deworming.

$50.00 - Grooming Supplies by ECI

Note: Full Board/Care Contract must be signed when you move into ECI facilities. A 30 Day notice in writing is required if you can no longer stay at ECI. It is part of your board agreement, which must be on file at ECI. Board contracts must be signed and a mandatory 30 day notice be given if you are relocating!



All bills are due and payable on the first of each service month and past due on the 5th and 18% late fee shoeing and vet bills are paid at the time of service to the horse shoer and/or the veterinarian.

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